CRM App - Realhound®

Our Customer Relationship Management App was originally designed for commercial real estate brokers. It is also the perfect CRM app for anyone with multiple contacts, multiple relationships, and multiple properties. Realhound® CRM manages your contacts, territories, properties and notes, all your information at your fingertips for you and your team.

With over 20 years of experience, REALHOUND® CRM is designed to help you manage your contacts, your team, manage your time and help you,

Make More Money!



CRM App - Realhound®

Realhound® CRM App tracks your contacts, team, vendors, properties, and notes.  Whether you own a chain of fast-food restaurants or provide janitorial services for multiple locations, Realhound allows you to track your contacts, notes, property activity, and photos and share this data with your team.

Your whole team is in the know!




Contacts, Notes, Teams, Vendors & Properties

All together in an easy-to-use app.

Easy as 123!

1. Download REALHOUND® CRM App
2. Import contacts from phone
3. Go!

Designed for Your Team!

Share notes, contacts, properties and notes with your team!


Whether you are at work, home or on the go, Realhound® is the mobile CRM App you have been waiting for!

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Keep your teammates updated and connected. Everyone “In the Know, Now!”

Text, Email & Call

Text & emailing from the mobile app automaticaly generates a note in the contact record.
Calling from the app will allow you to voice text a note immediately after completing the call.

Keep your notes organized

Attach notes to a contact, contact and property or a contact to contact.

Property Fill Me Out

Fill Me Out feature will instantly insert the property address of your current location for any new property you add.

Team Communication

Create unique teams, collaborate with each team, and provide real-time information and updates.

Link properties and people

Your contact relationships linked to your properties together in the palm of your hand.

Easy as 123!

Download, import contacts and go. User friendly, simple and easy to navigate.

Fill Me Out ~ Advanced

Fill Me Out will search Google®, Zillow®, Realhound® and other sources for data pertaining to the address of your property and automatically fills it out for you.


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REALHOUND® CRM App is the best CRM for anyone who needs to track multiple contacts. No other CRM offers this amount of functionality. 

Franchise Owners



Mortgage Brokers


Title Companies

Janitorial Services

Insurance Brokers

Free Onboarding & Tech Support

A real person can help you import your data and get you up and running quickly.

Unlimited Online Training

All clients can get unlimited training and support. Live sessions three times a week to learn tips and tricks on special features of the app.

Link Photos

Link photos from the Realhound® Mobile App to your current Google Drive or Dropbox.



Realhound® Web interface allows CRM App user to access, edit, and update their data from a web browser, making working from your office or on the go, seamless!

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Track and share

Track and share your portfolio or inventory of properties including information like location, sales price, mortgage and lease details.

Link properties to people

Track owners, investors, landscapers, plumbers, managers, maintenance people, etc. Know everyone associated with a location.

Web Version is available

Do you prefer managing your properties & contacts from your desktop? No problem, we have a web version too.

Exclusive Support & Training

At Realhound®, customer service, technical support and training are free. That’s right.. free! Phone calls, emails, texts, Skype, you name it, it is free.

Why wait? download The REALHOUND®  CRM app today!

Realhound®, bringing your world together! iPhone, iPad or Smart Phone. Whether you are at work, home or on the go Realhound® is the CRM solution you have been waiting for!

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  • Import contacts from your phone or Excel
  • Emails and Texts create notes attached to each contact
  • Add tasks for your team to follow up on
  • Email contacts or properties from within the app
  • Track relationships between contacts
  • Update contact information or property information
  • Instant syncing between devices
  • Add new properties on the fly
  • Import properties from Excel
  • Track relationships between properties and contacts
  • Add and view multiple photos per property including floor plans
  • Advanced Search features for locating properties
  • Create tags for properties or contacts to improve search capabilities
  • Create call list for prospecting or just keeping in touch


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