Your Customer Relationship Manager is in the palm of your hand.

Realhound® CRM allows you to track multiple locations, properties, contacts and their relationships to each other.  It also makes using and sharing vendor, property and contact information easily  with your team by allowing you to share notes that can be accessed  from the web, desktop, laptop, or mobile smart phone.




Realhound® Brings Together Your team, Contacts, Properties and Notes.

Whether you are at work, home or on the go, Realhound’s® CRM  app is the solution you have been waiting for!

Track relationships between properties and contacts

Emails create notes attached to each property, contact or both

Update contact information or property information


Import properties from Excel

Import contacts from your phone or Excel

Add new properties on the fly with Realhound®

Create call list for prospecting or just keeping in touch


Advanced Search features for locating properties

Instant syncing between devices


Text creates notes attached to each property, contact or both

Create tags for properties or contacts to improve search capabilities

Add and View multiple photos per property including floor plans

Easy To Use CRM Mobile App

Team Collaboration

Create unique teams, collaborate with each team, and assign tasks or calendar items to teammates.

Linking Contacts and Properties

Create one note, link that note to a property or multiple contacts. With just one note.


Quickly find a list of contacts you are interested in contacting, Owners or Brokers or Managers.

Fill Me Out

Auto-fill address information and other known property information directly from Google, Zillow and Realhound®.

Smart Templates

Create personalized emails and text message templates to communicate with your teams, co-workers or related contacts.


Add New Appointments and View Upcoming Events

One CRM app For Everyone

Realhound® App makes it easy to identify every contact, their association to other contacts or properties. Any franchise owner, property manager, landscaping company, plumbing service, pest control server, contractor, builder, agent, mortgage broker, lender, etc. can be linked together which ultimately builds your relationship database.

Work Smarter Not Harder With Realhound®

Realhound® has over 20 years of industry knowledge. We designed and created this CRM app just for you. At work, at home, on the road, or on the go . . . Realhound® has got you covered.

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Work collaboratively with your team

Link properties and people together

Assign tasks to teammates

Manage your time more efficiently

Keep all your notes organized

Ease of use, if you use your phone, you can use Realhound®.