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REALHOUND® Classic for successful, high earning commercial real estate brokers. Our Software organizes your important information better than any other application

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We’re for Successful Brokers

With more innovations than any other Commercial Real Estate CRM system, Realhound® is the ideal way to run any Commercial Real Estate business.

Elegant Screen Design

The design of the screens give you all of the most pertinent information you use over and over right in one place.

Smart Tracking System

Tracks historical apartment rents, office and industrial leases, buyer’s needs, documents and marketing activity.

20+ Years Experience

Realhound® Classic has been service Commercial Real Estate Brokers for over 20 years with great reputation.

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core features


Advanced Doc Management

Stop the paper chase! REALHOUND® has the most advanced document management capabilities on the market.

Cloud Based ShareAnywhere

View your Database Online! ShareAnywhere gives you the speed of a desktop computer, with the flexibility of the internet.

Automatic Deal Matching

Simplest way to track buyer and tenant needs.
Accelerate Your Business by Tracking Buyer & Tenant Needs

Realhound Classic

World's best CRM Solution

Stop tracking your data in multiple systems. Realhound’s advanced CRM helps get you the vital information you need at moment’s notice and greatly simplifies the reporting process by providing hundreds of reports in an easy-to-use format.

Watch contact information and property data become one seamless system. You no longer have to track contacts, properties and activity in multiple places.

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Advance Document Managmement

Stop the paper chase! REALHOUND® has the most advanced document management capabilities on the market. Your documents are stored with your contact and property records. You can scan, cut, copy, drag, drop, create sub folders and attach files into your database.

Elegant Financial
Analysis Tools

Realhound® provides industry leading financial analysis tools too. With REALHOUND® you can instantly determine the value of a property using everything from a CAP Rate to a Leveraged IRR. You see a sensitivity analysis based on varying prices and can escalate things like property taxes into the future.

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Our Unique Features

Realhound® Classic has been optimized to deliver the results that you search for the most, the fastest whether you have one user or hundreds of users

Cold Calling feature

Dialing for dollars? We make prospecting easy and fun!

Client Ready Reports

Generate advanced reports for clients with a few clicks.

Financial Analysis Tools

Investment & leasing tools including Lease vs. Buy analysis, Underwriting analysis, sales & lease analysis, etc.


Marketing Campaign Reports

Win new business by showing how you can track and manage all marketing activity associated with your listings.


Dynamic Searching

Every field is searchable and can be combined as your own custom search criteria and saved as a template.


Buyer or Tenant Matching

Stores specific client property or space criteria, matches it with the available properties/spaces in your database.

Free Training

Learning something new can be challenging when you have a hectic schedule. We understand this and we're pleased to announce complimentary online training in addition to the resources found on our website’s Support Menu.

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realhound classic

Why Choose Us?

Realhound® is different because it is specifically engineered to help your agents make more money. All too often, the purchase decision is made without consideration being given to the fact that brokerage is a business and, like any other business, its survival depends on increasing revenues and protecting profit centers.

Realhound® will help your agents make more money. And the more money your agents make — the more money your brokerage makes.