Classic video tutorials

How to make the best out of Realhound®

REALHOUND® is pleased to announce complimentary online training! We offer on-demand self paced recorded training sessions for those who would like to access training on their own schedule, or for a quick refresher course.

Get Started

Our getting started online training videos will guide you through some of the basic setup features to get you up and running quickly.

Create a New Database

A quick guide to creating a new database in Realhound!

Adding Additional Computers to your Live Database

This guide will walk you through syncing additional computers to your Live database.

Realhound Live Setup

Use this guide to connect your database and begin syncing with Realhound Live!

Setting up Users, Passwords, and Teams

Use this guide to setup your Realhound Users, Passwords, and Teams.

Setup and use the Backup Agent

This guide will walk you through how to setup your Backup Agent to take regular backups of your database!

Data Import

Migrating your data with Realhound® is easy. We have created a custom importer that will allow you to get your data from one system to ours quickly.

Merging Realhound Databases

This guide will walk you through combining multiple Realhound databases after an import in order to create a single, cohesive database.

REA 8 Import into Realhound

This guide will walk you through importing information from REA 8 into Realhound!

Realhound's Easy Import Wizard

This guide will walk you through how to import information from Excel into Realhound using the Easy Import Wizard!

REA 9 Import into Realhound

This guide will walk you through bringing information from REA 9 into Realhound!

ACT 2005 - 2008 Import into Realhound

This guide will walk you through how to bring ACT data into Realhound from version 2005-2008, or any other SQL-based version of ACT.

ACT 6 Import into Realhound

This guide will walk you through how to bring in your data from ACT 6 into Realhound!

Functions & Tools

Videos outlining functions and tools available in Realhound! Each video demonstrates the step by step process utilizing features.

Creating a Marketing Campaign

Guide to creating a marketing campaign to track your marketing activity!

Retrieving Groups

Check out this video to find out how to retrieve contacts and properties from your previously created groups!

Using Smart Filtering Tools

Using Filter Tools is a quick and easy way to find information in your database and run a report, send an email blast, or use your information in any other way necessary!

Creating a Marketing Report

Guide to adding contacts to a Marketing Campaign and easily creating a Marketing Report!

Creating a New Group

Learn how to create a new group in order to quickly and easily combine contacts and/or properties.

Auto-Compare Properties and Comps

Realhound provides an easy-to-use tool for comparing properties, current listings and past sales in order to better determine an accurate market value for your property!

Updating Contact Types

Our trainers guide you through updating, managing, and utilizing your Contact Types!

Relating Multiple Contacts

Relating Multiple Contacts is a great way to associate contact records in your database so that you can easily navigate and find desired information about people.

Deleting From Group

Learn how to remove contacts from a group, as well as remove entire groups.

Relating Property Owners

Looking to relate a contact to a property as the current owner? By relating contacts and properties, Realhound will begin to put together deals for you!